Coffee Kids comin’ to Emerald City

There is an orginization called CoffeeKids. What these folks do is spend a lot of time raising money and awareness for the plight of the coffee farmer. When you see the price on the grocery shelves for coffee, it is understandable to think that these farmers are all driving around in Mercedes, what¬†with premium coffee going for 16-18+bucks a pound. Well, lemme tell you, they don’t get much more than a couple bucks a pound. To put that in context, one full-sized arabica coffee tree produces one pound of coffee per harvesting season. The farmers get 2 bucks a pound. ¬†Their produce does not sustain them throughout the year. (Could you support yourself yearly on a couple months’ work?) Coffee Kids has spent a lot of time trying to change the sustainability of those that produce our beans. Come to Emerald City on Thursday night and hear from Julia and Summer and their adventures in Guatemala. Come drink some coffee from the Antigua region of Guatemala, come have a drink and a snack with us. Just come on. Please rsvp at We really look forward to seeing you here for a fun, interesting night.