Margot Issue # 6- Your Toyhood Memories

This month at Margot,we are delving into those long-ago lumps of plastic that caused so many hours of great times. Personally speaking, hours-long battles that took hours to set up, but mere minutes to complete, were my ideal summer day. GI Joes fought alongside those little green army men, against comparative monsters like Skeletor and his henchmen. Back then, if you wanted to punish for a wrong that I had committed, you didn’t spank me. Nope, violence wasn’t the key to my rehabilitation, but if you took my toys away back then, well for pete’s sake, what else was there? So now, tell us about your favorite toyhood memories. Leave a comment here, or else get back to me at We would love to print our favorite memories in the upcoming issue of Margot (#6), coming out July 31st. Can’t wait to hear from you guys.