Emerald City


1224 W. Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL. 60640 | M-F: 7AM-5PM | SAT 7-3 I SUN 8-3

Vegan Banana Walnut Bread
Le Cafe Miel
Sign saying, “Treat Yo’self!”
Bacon breakfast taco
Our Bread

This is the neighborhood near the University of Texas campus, where of one of my very favorite coffee shops (Spider House) lives, down in Austin. We used to roam through those streets late at night, smokin’ our doobies, talkin’ about whatever deep stuff that would come to mind. And then we would spend a few hours in that outdoor area, just chillin’. Just west of Spider House, was a spot called Mojos, which is where I fell in love with coffee shops. Unfortunately, Mojos, and it’s 24 hours and 2 floors of constant debate and planning and reading and writing, does not exist anymore. Last time I went by there, so long ago now, it was a hookah lounge, which I’m sure is pretty cool and all, but you know, coffee. Please notice Ken’s Donuts. You ever have a chocolate donut after a night of smoking, coffee and pontificating? Hits the spot. Please visit Spider House if ever in Austin. They are still going strong.

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